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O mnie: HAVESINO strives to show you the different quality of Made-In-China slitter rewinder: Stable,Professional and Cost Effective slitter.
We are committed to designing and manufacturing of high quality and professional slitter rewinder and other machines through our continual and joint effort.

With more than 20 years experienced engineers,after 6 years developing, we are proud that we can manufacture 800-3300mm width, 100-800m/min speed slitter rewinder and turret slitter for hot stamping foil,thermal transfer ribbon, adhesive labels, fabric, film, paper and other material.
Thanks for our customers' support, our slitters are around more than 26 countries, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Iran and so on.75% customers are from European and American countries. Our machines are widely accepted by by foil, film, paper, label, ribbon producers all over the world.

HAVESINO believes that your prosperity is directly related to our success,we hope to support you to be different through our different but good service.fabric roll slitting machine
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